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A Therapy Assistant

In The Integrated Care Team:  Community Rehabilitation


Hello my name is Joanne Burns and I am a Therapy Assistant.

Working with Patients and their families in the community to carryout home exercise plans, mobility practice as well as tasks of daily living and personal care. To support patient to be as independent as possible. Delivery and fitting of equipment in patients homes and advising patents and families of the correct procedures/techniques on how to use equipment safely under direction of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists and Assistant Practitioners.

Being able to accompany Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists on visits to assess patients.

Enabling patients to regain their independence and being able to see the progress they have made along the way.

We need to be organised as well as able to work in a fast paced environment. We need Rota, diary, work board, mobile phone, and good IT skills as well as good communication with team members.

Check the work board and look on EMIS for changes to Patients care needs.

Working with the team and the fact we are always learning new skills and ways of working.

We work with patients to achieve their goals.

When key working and there are lots of changes to the work for the Health Care Professional’s.

Or if they need advice about a patient we do not usually see on our work and we do not know information about the person or during times we are short staffed and have a heavy work load and feel we can’t give patients more time.

OT’s PT’s AP’s unseduced and district nursing teams HCP’s.

When a patient is successfully discharged from the service after achieving their goals.

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