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A Physiotherapist

In The Integrated Care Team:  Community Rehab


Hello my name is Jamie Bell and I am an Physiotherapist.

As a physiotherapist within the community team I work with patients to help them return home following a hospital admission or work to keep people at home preventing such events. I work daily with patient to return to tasks and hobbies that they hold close to their heart that allows them to live a happy and fulfilling life.

I like working with patient achieving their personal goals that they identify as things that enhance their day to day life.

A few things we need as a team are an in depth handover between all the team members to discuss the plans for the day ahead and as a way to focus our efforts in the areas that are most urgent. Communication within our team is key.

Monitor my caseload to allow me to offer the best service I can to my patients.

I look forward to visiting my patient that are motivated to return to the tasks they enjoy.

Late afternoon when our team is back in the office and we can discuss the great things that our patients have done.

Anytime it is raining and we are unable to do things outside with our patients.

A challenging part of my day is prioritising ,y workload while on duty, AS this is a response type job role we have to change our schedules frequently to keep up with the demand to our service.

Within CRS we work with OT, assistant practitioners, support workers, social workers, district nurses, GP, hospital staff and patients and patient famalies

One of my best experiences is when as a team we helped a lady who was unable to walk following a hip # Return to getting on the bus and into town to meet her close friends for coffee that has been a regular part of her life for many years.

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