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An Occupational Therapist

In The Integrated Care Team:  Community Rehab


Hello my name is Holly and I am an Occupational Therapist. Firstly I need to explain that I have to consider our community role as a 3 in 1 role!

Role 1: Duty – this means triaging the immediate referrals and responding to urgent calls. This might include trying to keep people out of hospital or helping get them home.

Role 2: Community which means ongoing work with people to help return to baseline or be as safe as they can be in their own homes.

Role 3: Home first – This means working with emergency staff in A&E to help get people home where possible.

All the roles merge into each other for example you may see someone in A&E, refer them to duty for follow up, you may then follow them up as part of the community role.

I love the variety. The large turn-over of work and the variety of the ‘3 roles’ means we get to meet lots of people and no 2 days are ever the same.

Organisation is the key, particularly with the ‘3 roles’ and including 7 day working means being organised is key.

I have a routine that I stick to at the beginning of everyday regardless of the role that day. This includes – coming in checking the message book, checking email and checking my personal diary. This allows me to be as up to date as possible particularly as the day can change so quickly.

I look forward to the unknown. It’s refreshing to come in to a clean slate on most days.

I enjoy the afternoons in the main office. Generally by this point people are in control of their day and this promotes lots of professional discussion which really helps to broaden your thinking.

Duty days can be really over-whelming in the morning if there are lots of referrals. It can take a while for my mind to settle on a plan.

My challenges are when referrals come into duty around moving and handling. My confidence is still growing in this area and I have that mild internal panic. The team are really supportive however and extra training has been provided, so no challenge is too big!

Everyone! Other OT’s, physio’s, nurses, AHP’s, HCA’s, Administration, GP’s or others included in a person’s care.

My favourite day so far has been hearing an update on a patient who was referred for rehab. When I assessed the patient was downstairs living with husband upstairs. The patient was low in mood and wished to get out and about. I provided some equipment and referred on to my physio colleagues. Around 2 weeks later the physio updated that the patient was now back upstairs and was going out in the community independently.

A perfect piece of Rehab!

Hollie O’Connor

Holly OConnor - Occupational Therapist
Holly O'Connor - Occupational Therapist
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